Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncture

A handbook for acupuncturists and healthcare  practitioners on the use of acupuncture for end-of-life care by Torii Black, RN, LAc.


Book cover, Hospice and Palliative Care Acupuncture, by Torii Black

A handbook for acupuncturists and healthcare practitioners on the use of acupuncture for end-of-life care. The book covers the major hospice and palliative care diagnoses from a Chinese medical perspective, as well as grief and loss, and includes the roots of Chinese historical perspectives on death and dying. The acupuncturist is introduced to the working medical model of hospice  care and the interdisciplinary team approach and provided with evidence-based strategies for the use of acupuncture in symptom management. This is the course book for the new CPHPCA certification course for 16 hour NCCAOM PDAs.

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